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What is Bubble Tea?

The popularity of bubble tea is on the rise. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese milk tea-based drink combined with chewy tapioca pearls topping to create a drink and snack combination. You can choose from a wide range of combination of tea flavour including original black tea, jasmine green tea and matcha green tea. You can even choose to add flavours such as strawberry, chocolate, mango, lychee, coconut, the list goes on. For more info, check out What is bubble tea?

Bubble Tea Kits

Many people in the United Kingdom will not have a local bubble tea store and might even be hundreds of miles away. Our popular bubble tea kits have provided many bubble tea fans all over the United Kingdom the freedom to make their own bubble tea at home. Each bubble tea kit contains all the ingredients needed to make your drinks exactly how you want it. Easy to follow instructions are included with every bubble tea kits and can be made by anybody who is capable of using a kettle and cooking pot.

Quality is Our Top Priority

Our bubble tea kits contains the best quality of loose leaf tea and fresh tapioca pearls for the best bubble tea taste. Unlike other kits, we stay away from cheap quick cooking tapioca. Best of all, our tapioca pearls are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians!


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