We Are Hachoo Bubble Tea

We Are Hachoo Bubble Tea

Hachoo Bubble Tea is founded by Chingy and Han Ye. We’re both scientists that loves drinking bubble tea! So we though we share our experience and give a personal insight into consuming this delicious drink in the UK as well as around the world!

We first came up with the idea of selling bubble tea kits when we moved to Hertfordshire. We found there were not many bubble tea shops around. So we decided to make our own. But it was difficult to find all the necessary ingredients to make a bubble tea. We spent months of research into making the perfect bubble tea drink. To save other bubble tea lovers the inconvenience, we came up with the bubble tea kit. Our bubble tea kit is packed with all the necessary ingredients to make the perfect bubble tea.

We then decided to expand the business into opening our own pop up bubble tea stall. In March 2016, Our first stall was opened at London Canada Water.

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Chingy & Han Ye