Far East Festival – London 2016

Far East Festival – London 2016

Far East Festival – Mountsfield Park 2016

On Saturday 6th August, we attended a food festival hosted by Far East in Mountsfield Park Catford. A huge list of entertainment for the day included music performance by 4th Impact & JAGMAC. Attendees to the festival could also find food stalls as well as fun fair rides. We were positioned in the middle of the park in a big blue and yellow chill tent. Within the chill tent, customers could relax, get away from the heat and enjoy our bubble tea. Throughout the day we served our popular Original Hachoo milk tea, matcha, mango and coconut milk tea. As well as 5 of our top fruit tea bubble tea drinks including passion fruit mango & peach lychee green tea. Tapioca pearls of course was a must. The weather was hot and sunny, therefore it seems like it would be a great day.

What went wrong?

Sadly the turnout was an embarrassing 300 people instead of the expected 8000. There were only several food stalls and only a handful was serving food relating to the far east theme. We received a number of complaints from festival attendees, traders and even from the security team in regards to the ridiculously over priced ticket, lack of entertainment and lack of available food choice.

Tickets Was Far Too Pricey

In April, early bird tickets were sold out immediately after ticket sales were available. However only 300 people attended. Which begs the question, how many early bird tickets were available to purchase? Advanced tickets were £8.50 and on the day price was £15. A number of people who paid £15 on the day was not happy to attend a massive park with hardly anything to do. One customer said they couldn’t go on the fun fair ride even if they wanted to pay because there was not enough riders to justify operating the rides. The event was then taking a turn for the worse. Early paying customers found out that ticket price was reduced to £10 at 3:25 pm and subsequently free after 6 pm.

Far East Festival

Last minute tweet by Far East Festival reducing ticket price to desperately attract festival goers.

Poor Marketing

Ticket pricing was not the only down fall of the festival. Many people have suggested that there was minimal effort in promoting the event. It is clear by looking at the number of tweets on Far East Festival’s twitter page. Their twitter feed only started to become more active few weeks run up to the event day. However, organisation plans began as early as March.

How Were We Affected?

Considering it was a hot sunny day, we performed well in serving our bubble tea drinks to the audience. Tragically this was not true for the rest of the food traders. We now realised this was a massive lesson for us to learn. The organisers had no previous experience and it was their first ever event. It is not easy for an amateur event organiser to organise a fun fair, music concert and food festival all mash up together. Careful considering will need to be evaluated for the next time we are approached by an event organiser with such wacky idea.

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